How do I increase my baggage allowance after check-in?

How do I increase my baggage allowance after check-in?

Sometimes it turns out in the middle of packing your bags that you can’t really fit all your worldly possessions in the baggage allowance you bought when booking your flight. Other times you want to carry items that are not allowed in the passenger cabin.

Most airlines allow you to purchase an additional baggage allowance. The fees and conditions depend on the carrier you’re traveling with.

Cheaper than at the check-in desk

An additional baggage allowance can also be purchased at the airport, but the costs can be really expensive depending on the airline we’re flying with. To avoid additional costs associated with adding services, it's worth buying Service package during the ticket reservation. Thanks to this, our Consultants will help you to provide changes in the ticket, as well as in ordering other services related to your flight. The price doesn't include fees that may be charged by the airlines for mentioned amenities.  

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