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How to find cheap flights?

Because of the high price of flight tickets, every traveller wants to find out how to fly cheap.
By knowing these tips you can save up to several hundred pounds! So, how to find cheap flights?

  • With a comprehensive offer of different airlines, cheap flights to virtually any place in the world are at hand. How to buy flight tickets at an attractive price? The rule is simple - the earlier we book a ticket, the better price we get. It applies mainly to low-cost airlines, however, regular carriers usually also raise ticket prices a fortnight or so prior to the departure. It is best to book flight tickets approximately three or four months before the planned departure. However, it is also worth checking out cheap last minute or first-minute flights - this is a good option for those of us who can be flexible with travel dates. It is also good to remember about checking the price of flight tickets three days before or after the travel date we chose, as the difference may be significant.

  • Most carriers set higher prices for evening, morning or weekend flight tickets. Therefore it is worth flying on a weekday, preferably early in the morning or before noon. Airlines also hike prices of tickets for flights departing during the holidays, and a few days ahead. If we want to fly during this period after all, we need to book the flight as soon as possible. We will find cheap airfares if we browse the offers of carriers during the week, preferably in the morning as most travellers buy air tickets at weekends or in the evenings. The airlines are well aware of this, that is why booking airline tickets at these particular times of day may be more expensive.

  • Checking the carriers’ offers regularly is very time-consuming, but it is one of the proven ways to fly cheap. Some of the carriers offer recurrent flight discounts, while others prefer to surprise travellers. In order to make the flight checking out process easier, it is a good idea to subscribe to the airlines' newsletters. Thanks to this, all information, such as flight promotions, discounted flights to a certain city or last minute flight offers will arrive directly in our mailbox. We can also get cheap air tickets by signing up for the particular carrier's loyalty club or programme. This is a good solution for those of us who often travel with one airline. Following the airline on social media and taking part in competitions organized by the carrier are is another way for cheap plane travel.

Where to find cheap flights?

There are three most popular ways of searching for cheap flight tickets.

  • Social media is extremely useful when searching for cheap flight tickets. Many people travel on a regular basis and know exactly when they can expect discounts or when a flight ticket to, for instance, Vienna will be cheaper. It's worth joining travel groups on Facebook or Internet forums and use other people's hints. Sometimes Internet users want to sell their plane tickets, while others seek travel companions. Booking air tickets with a person who is a member of a loyalty club of a given airline guarantees a lower flight ticket price.

  • Signing up for an airline's newsletter is a good idea, but so-called price alerts are well worth mentioning, too. This is the perfect solution if we are interested in finding a flight to a specific city or country and can be flexible with the date of the journey. Thanks to the price alerts, we can monitor changes to the price of the flight to our chosen destination and we will find out when the airline tickets reach a lower price. The eSky price alert is a free service with information on the flight we are interested in sent by email. Thanks to this, we are not searching for cheap air tickets any longer - they find us on their own! You can unsubscribe from price alerts at any time.

  • One of the proven and simplest ways to search for cheap flights is to use a flight search application. We can compare offers of dozens of carriers and choose the best one, all in one place. This solution helps save plenty of time - we do not have to browse multiple tabs with offers of different carriers. All we need to do is set our search criteria and after just a few seconds the application will search for all possible cheap flights for us. The eSky flight search is free, and thanks to it not only can we find and book cheap flights, but we are also able to make a hotel reservation or rent a car at the airport.

How to search for cheap flights?

To check flight tickets available for the selected dates on eSky, you should first determine some basic data.

  • Using the eSky cheap flight search engine is intuitive. The first step is setting the basic search criteria: whether it is a one-way or a round trip, the number of passengers and their age, as well as the places and dates of departure and arrival. Then we must click the "Search" icon. The application searches for cheap flights by the set criteria and shows a list of all the results. Each of them includes the following information: trip cost per person, departure and arrival times, total trip duration, as well as possible transfer suggestions.

  • At each of the results there is the "details" icon. After clicking on it, we are shown information about the airline serving the route, flight number, our travel class and a range of onboard services - if checked baggage is included in the ticket price, or if during the flight we are provided snacks and drinks etc. Next, we click "Booking conditions", thanks to which we will find out if the price of the flight includes all airport taxes and fees or whether they will be collected additionally when booking the flight.

  • Sometimes the list of flights may be too long. To narrow down the search results, we must click on the "Show filters" icon and set additional search criteria: the preferred departure and arrival times, airlines, number of transfers (or no transfers at all), as well as the airports. Thanks to this, the search engine will find us cheap air tickets ideally suited to our requirements. All we have to do is reserve a seat on a plane. If none of the cheap flight ticket results meets our expectations, considering flights give or take 3 days before the planned trip is a good option as well. It is possible that the price of tickets on these days will be lower.

  • How to book cheap flights?

    How to book a plane ticket? The airline ticket booking process is not long, and subsequent stages are presented in a simple and clear way. If we have already chosen the cheap flight from the flight search engine, all we need to do is click the "Select" icon next to it and we will be redirected to the next stage of the booking. On the next page we will see information about the selected flight, as well as the availability and costs of travel insurance.

    After completing the form, we click "Continue". On the next page we will have to fill out a personal data form and will be able to select additional services, such as online check-in. We will also need to choose the payment method for the plane ticket and enter our payment card details and contact details. After completing all the required fields, we click "Book and pay." The last step consists of making a payment for the ticket. Done!

  • Cheap flights in the UK and overseas

    Using a flight search engine is a great way to find cheap domestic and international flights, but this is not all. Our application allows to search for the best accommodation deals as well as transportation options in the place of stay. Booking a hotel or renting a car at the airport becomes much simpler and cheaper! There is also the possibility of searching for offers combining both a flight and accommodation in a given place.

    The application allows to find the cheapest air tickets of such airlines as Ryanair, Wizz Air, LOT, Lufthansa and many, many more. In addition to searching flights manually using the application, it is also good to check flight discounts in the "Deals" section on a regular basis. Flight tickets are available from about £9‎ (for a single one-way flight). There is also a flight radar on the website.

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