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We all want a holiday in the sun, as vitamin D especially during winter months is not properly absorbed by our bodies. No wonder that so many people happily book their holidays is places with sunny forecasts. That's just one of many reasons to book a cheap flight to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The capital city of Gran Canaria island is located in its north-eastern part. An average temperature throughout the year is 24 degrees in a daytime and 18 degrees at night. You will try fresh local food, walk along fantastic beaches and explore cultural atmosphere of the Canaries. If lying on a beach all day is not your cup of tea, there's plenty more to see and do in Las Palmas. This little guide will help you plan your trip to Las Palmas – from buying cheap flights, through to the last day of your dream Spanish holiday.

What to see in Las Palmas

Getting your itinerary before your holiday will help you get the most of your holiday. You don't have to stricktly adhere to it but it's good to know what might be interesting for you. Here's a few suggestions you might like. Casa-Museo de Colon is a museum of Christopher Columbus' voyages with extraordinary models of three ships that can be viewed on the ground floor. The museum is located on Calle Colon 1 and the entry fee is 4 euro. Another interesting place is the city's museum of modern art – Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno – temporary exhibitions displayed in bright spaces of the 18th century building on Calle Balcones 11. Entry fee is 5 euro. Go to Pueblo Canario to explore a bit of folk and local food. This little village was created by brothers – Miguel and Nestor Martin Fernandez de la Torre. Best to visit on Sunday when some local entertainment can be expected. If your main aim is to get a proper sun tun, the next section is for you.

What to do in Las Canteras beach?

The answer to this question can be a little surprising. Let's start with some facts. Las Canteras beach is almost 4 km long therefore the locals treat its various sections as beaches of different names and purposes. Even though Las Canteras is located centrally to Las Palmas and is considered to be an urban beach, this is not the only side of it. The urban section is very wide, has golden sand and is facilitated with bars, restaurants, toilets and changing rooms. There's a sports zone and playground for children. It's also the busiest part of the beach but it's easily accessible. There are loungers and parasols available for rental. If you're flying to Las Palmas to learn surfing, choose the southernmost part of the beach called La Cicer. It has better waves and professional surfing schools.  El Confital and La Laja beaches are nudist so if you feel like skinny dipping – that's where you go.

Where to eat in Las Palmas

Even though Las Palmas is in Spain, the city is a cultural melting pot of African, Indian and even Chinese influences. This is also reflected in cuisine. Spaniards love their food and celebrate their time to eat, being especially proud of local dishes. It's a good idea to learn a few words you're likely to come across in a menu. Apart from widely known tapas, you'll see pinchos which are a bigger version of Spanish snacks, served with fresh bread.

Pulpo – octopus.

Pesca del dia – fish of the day.

Boccadillo con calamares – a bun with squid.

Calamares fritos – fried squid shaped in rings.

Paella – a popular dish with rice, meat or seafood.

Churros – a deep-fried cinnamon pastry.

For Spanish feel go to Deliciosa Marta where you'll eat a meal prepared by a famous chef trained in Barcelona. They require reservations three monhts ahead in hot season. Mix with the locals at the Triana Street Market. Go there to buy cheese, ham or a pastry. Use the opportunity of getting fresh seafod in La Marinera located on Paseo de las Canteras, on the beach. Apart from beautifully cooked food, you also get breathtaking views. Keep in mind that prices provided on menu are calculated by weight of a dish.

How to get from Gran Canaria Airport to Las Palmas

You can get a flight to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria from London airports like Stansted, Gatwick or Heathrow but not exclusively. You can buy flights with airlines such as Easy Jet, British Airways, Swiss, Ryanair and many more. You can also travel to Las Palmas from Manchester with Jet2, Iberia or Tap Air Portugal. Upon your arrival in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Airport, there are several options to choose from. The airport is located 25 km away from Las Palmas city centre. If you rent a car, this distance should take you around 20 minutes. If you'd rather choose a public transport, Route 60 is an official connection between Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (the capital city) with Gran Canaria Airport. The buses run every thirty minutes from 6:15am to 11:15pm, the journey takes around 45 minutes and the fare is €2.30. For a comfortable stressfree ride to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria you can book a taxi. The official company on the Island is Socom Taxi, identified by white cars with blue and red. The minimum charge is: € 3.15, while price of kilometer is €1.10.

Cheap flights to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The good news is that cheap airlines fly to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. But you still have to find a cheap flight yourself and book in advance. What's the best way to book the cheapest flights to Gran Canaria? Rely on a system that can do it quickly for you and will be able to compare prices of various carriers. Try a cheap flight search engine on You get to choose the airports, class and desired dates, the engine looks for the best connections. Straight away you receive all pieces of information on available flights, providers (airlines) and even the amount of available seats! You'll know exactly when a real deal is up for grab. Some connections can be indirect. If you travel in tourist peak in the middle of the summer, the prices will be higher, from two hundred pounds up. The costs will differ depending on when you're planning to go. However in less touristy months you can find flights for £70 or less! So if you decide to holiday in January, you'll still get a pleasant weather, no crowds, beaches to yourself and easy access to yummy food places.

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