Baggage: size and weight restrictions - Flybe


Baggage: size and weight restrictions - Flybe

Check the baggage policy at Flybe airlines. You can take hand baggage at no additional charge, it is included in the ticket price. Attention! As with all airlines, hand luggage at Flybe must have specified dimensions. Checked baggage at Flybe is payable. A standard single piece of checked baggage at Flybe airlines can have a maximum weight of 23 kg, and the total weight of this type of baggage can't exceed 46 kg. Checked baggage is payable depending on the tariff and place of purchase and doesn't depend on the route on which the travel takes place.

Hand baggage at Flybe

type of baggage

maximum dimensions

maximum weight

Hand  baggage

50 x 35 x 20 cm

a total of 10 kg

additional item *


* An additional item may be, for example, a purse, a laptop bag, etc. The item must fit in the storage compartment under the front seat

Attention! Protruding elements are also included in the size of hand luggage : handles, wheels, etc.

Checked baggage at Flybe



 Just Fly Tariff

1x23 kg

24£/34€ - 40£/54€

2 pieces - up to 46 kg in total

48£/67€ - 53£/75€

Get More Tariff

1x23 kg

Included in the ticket price

2 pieces - up to 46 kg in total

24£/34€ - 40£/54€

All In Tariff

2 pieces- up to 46 kg in total

Included in the ticket price

* The amount of the fee depends on the method of baggage purchase - the least you will pay for luggage bought online, the baggage bought at the airport will be the most expensive.

Excess baggage

Flybe airlines apply excess baggage fees. In this case, the fee is charged at the airport and only there you can pay the bill (it is not possible before the trip, for example via the Internet or by phone). The fee is 15 £ / 20 € for each excess kg.

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