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Whta is one night in Bangkok about?

If you're flying in direction of Thailand, you can't miss Bangkok. And it's definitely worth to stay longer than one night. The city of many contrasts is constantly luring visitors from all over the world. What's so magnetising about Bankgkok? Perhaps the clash of cultures, the meeting point of slow and fast, rich and poor, old and new. If you'd like to know what the real Thai food tastes like – it's the reason to go. As per “The most visited city” ranking, Bangkok gets over twenty-two millions of tourists every year, which is significantly more than Paris and London. Can you fly there with the low cost airlines? What's the best time to visit and what's a must-see in this colourful city? Read on to find out.

Top attractions of Bangkok

There's plenty to see and do in Bangkok. The most impressive are probably the places of worship, with incredibly decorative elements of golden statues of Buddha and fresh flowers everyday. The largest statue of Buddha can be seen in Wat Pho - the Temple of Reclining Buddha. Its impressive measurements, of hundred and fifty feet long and fifteen feet tall, make it impossible to see the figure in one shot. Fly to Bangkok for your lifetime shopping experience. Anything you can imagine and even more can be found among the eight thousand stalls of Chatuchak Weeked Market. Traditional Thai food, spices, unique clothing, books, memorabilia – spend your money well. For high end shopping go to Siam Paragon mall. If you feel like the hustle and bustle is too much out of a sudden – visit Lumpini Park, where people practice Thai Chi, or lounge on the grass by the lake. If your feel slightly worn out after all the sightseeing, go get a real Thai massage, your body will thank you for it. The parlours can be found around every corner so just ask the around what's best in your location.

Food in Bangkok

Book your flight to Bangkok if you want to be in the “the land of smiles”. Over nine million people living in the city are usually kind and smile a lot. Where can you find the smiling Thais? Certainly in the streets of Bangkok and especially over a meal in various parts of the city. There's a culture of eating out and people rarely cook at home. The best part is that the food is cooked right in front of your eyes. You'll get great prices too because it's where the locals dine. Be prepared that not everybody speaks English, so to order food that you really want, get yourself familiar with a dictionary. For example Khao Mun Gai (ข้าวมันไก่) is chicken on rice, Pla Pao (ปลาเผา) means Fish barbecued in salt, Pad Thai Kung (ผัดไทยกุ้ง) are noodles with shrimp. A meal can cost between thirty to eighty baht. If you eat in a restaurant, the cost can be around one hundred baht or more. To eat well, you can also visit China-town which offers amazing selection of Chinese food. In the evening, you can get a drink in a bar with the best views of the city. Moon Bar is located on the 61st floor but we recommend it only to those not afraid of heights.

The fastest ways of getting around Bangkok

The capital city of Thailand is infamous for its serious traffic jams. As tourists usually have limited time of stay, it's better not to waste it being stuck in the middle of the road. Choose alternatives. The fastest and the most trustworthy is probably the Skytrain which additionally is airconditioned and that's amazing. Fares can be between fifteen to forty-five baht depending on distance. The second recommendation is a Bangkok longboat cruising Chao Phraya River. Even though you may not think of it as an obvious mean of transportation – people use it every morning to get to work. The fares are from ten to fifteen baht but could be more expensive during peak hours. If you like the excitement, you could try a motorcycle taxi. It's the kind of vehicle that easily moves in between traffic. Bangkok driving can look a bit hectic but a common sense and precaution will keep you safe. Keep in mind that rush hours running from 7:30am – 9am and from 5pm – 6:30pm are not the best times to be commuting.

Cheap International flights to Bangkok from the UK

Yes you can get a bargain flight ticket to Bangkok even if you're flying from the UK. Many different airlines operate on these roots so the choice is big. Some connections are direct and others joined which may be a good idea if you're flexible. Visiting places on the way to your holiday destination can be a great way to expand your travel experience. If you'd like to spend your Christmas and New Year's holiday somewhere exotic, you can get a flight to Bangkok from London Heathrow for £1175 (for a round trip with Quatar Airways) directly in just eleven hours. A cheaper flight, around the same time, to Bangkok with one stop at Doha Airport, will cost you £970 (for a round trip). The flight departing from London Gatwick will take fifteen hours. Traveling in less touristy seasons like the end of November will significantly reduce the prices to just £293 for a round trip! Air China will take you to Bangkok from London Gatwick in thirty hours – with a stopover in Shanghai. To get all of the options and choose what suits you best, you can use the flight search engine on

When to visit Bangkok?

Thailand lies in the tropical monsoon climate. This means that it has three seasons throughout the year: Cool season lasts from November to February, hot season from March to June and rainy season from July to October. The most bearable weather and the best time to book your flight to Bangkok is around late November and early December. Relaxing after the season of monsoon, the temperatures of the city are a little bit cooler than usual. Nevertheless, an average temperature during the day is still around 30 degrees. Dry weather with lots of sun, happens between December and March, which is also a great time to visit the neighbouring islands and beautiful sandy beaches. If you're aiming to experience the cultural events like Thai New Year – Songkran – come in mid-April. Similar volume of crowds will also visit Bangkok for Christmas and New Year holidays. The lowest amount of visitors come to Thailand in September and October which are the rainiest months.

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